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HAP VENTURE FUND- Innovation, Yield, Unity of Interests


For the first time, a real estate investment fund is being established by the developer for the sole purpose of raising funds for investment in the company's projects. The fund belongs to the American company HAP INVESTMENTS, which is owned by the Israeli businessmen Eran Polack, Amir Hasid and Nir Amsel

This trio boasts almost two decades of experience and success in designing and managing Israeli and international real estate. HAP is currently developing 1,300 residential and commercial spaces in 11 projects in Manhattan and the immediate vicinity

. Hap Venture Fund enables investors with initial funds of $40,000, who are interested in high yields, to take part in direct investment in HAP's successful projects in New York

For further information please contact us: office@hapventure.com or +972.3.564.10.60
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